Guitar, Vocals

Chad Jasna Bordertown Four On The Floor Left Hand Drive Nehemiah

I have a lifelong love of all things pertaining to music. It is my passion. It is who I am.

I grew up watching my dad play drums in cover bands. From an early age, I enjoyed hearing him play both rock and country. I got my first guitar in 1987. Steve Lockridge started showing me a few things and soon became my mentor and lifelong friend. I played in a couple of Christian rock bands with Steve from 1987-1992.

After marrying my high school sweetheart and starting a family, I began playing country music. I eventually moved to Nashville, had a manager and did a lot of demo work. My time in the Music City was a blast but it kept me away from my family for extended periods of time. I moved back to the River Valley area and have enjoyed singing, playing guitar, drums and bass in various bands ever since.

It's funny how things always come back around full circle. I am honored to be playing music with Steve again as well as the other members in our band Bordertown. My time in Nashville taught me that family always comes first. That's what makes this band so unique and special. We are more than a group of dedicated professional musicians. We are a family.

Guitar, Vocals

Steve Lockridge Bordertown Nehemiah

I started playing guitar in December 1983. By listening to everything I could get my hands on with LA and Nashville session guitarists on it, my playing progressed rapidly.

By early 1985, I was asked to play with some of the best musicians in the River Valley. One member of that band, Anthony Sallee, played professionally with Whiteheart, Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy, John Elefante, and several other artists as a studio bassist. Playing with guys that were better than me improved my playing even more.

In 1991, some good friends and I formed the band Nehemiah. Nehemiah released it's first album, "Dangerous", in 1993. Nehemiah became a regional success and attracted the ear of several industry people. Mark Clay, bassist for Nehemiah from 1992 to 1994, was recruited into a professional gig and has been the bassist for the legendary Christian group Newsong for several years. In 2005, Nehemiah retired.

I am so honored to play with the guys in Bordertown. I have known most of the guys in the band at least 30 years and they are like family. They are great musicians and singers and I am having a blast learning to play some country which I've never done before!

Bass, Vocals

Mitch Hughes Bordertown

I started playing bass the summer after the 9th grade when I was 14 years old. I had a friend who played guitar so I picked up the bass. We mainly played as a garage band just for fun. Later on in high school, we formed a band called Dragon. We wore matching Jimi Hendrix style t-shirts. We looked ridiculous. :) Dragon played in our high school talent show and blew everyone away. I played with other friends at other events. Needless to say, I was hooked on the bass.

Over time I played with several local bands - The Shift, G.T. Hood, Watchmen, The ET Praise Band, Troublemakers and countless backyard jam sessions. Some with one of my favorite guitarists, Gary Hutchison.

I am extremely honored to play with the other guys in Bordertown and I am ready to kick it.

Drums, Vocals

Sean Brinkman Bordertown Copesetic Fat Head

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